Do you love watching Reese Witherspoon on screen? She is a great actress, and does some very enjoyable movies. Here is a list of some of Reese Witherspoon’s top movies.

  1. “Legally Blonde” – A blonde sorority girl gets dumped by her boyfriend before he goes to Harvard law school, she decides to go to in order to win him back.
  2. “Sweet home Alabama” – A girl gets proposed to, but the problem is that she is still married to her high school sweetheart back in Alabama.
  3. “Monsters vs. Aliens” – When aliens threaten Earth, our last resort is to rely on monsters to save us.
  4. “Walk the Line” – A movie that follows Johnny Cash’s life.
  5. “Just Like Heaven” – An architect falls in love with a spirit that used to live in his apartment.
  6. “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde” – Elle is back to help a congresswoman ban animal testing.
  7. “Election” – A high school teacher’s life gets complicate when he begins to help students with the school elections.
  8. “Penelope” – An heiress can only have her curse broken by her one true love.
  9. “How do you know” – A former softball player is at a crossroads with her life and is caught in a love triangle.
  10. “Pleasantville” – 2 teenagers from the1990’s get caught back in a 1950’s sitcom.
  11. “The importance of being Earnest” -In the 1890’s 2 gentlemen hide behind the name Ernest and confusion ensues.
  12. “American Psycho” – A man of Wall Street that seems to have everything going for him is an angry man and murders almost for fun.
  13. “Cruel Intentions” – A step brother and stepsister makes a bet about being able to sleep with a virgin names Annette.
  14. “Vanity Fair” – In London a girl hides her poor background and rises the social ladder.
  15. “Overnight Delivery” – A boyfriend thinks his girlfriend is unfaithful, so he sends her a letter. He then realizes that he was wrong soon after.
  16. “Best Laid Plans” – A guy in a dead end job decides to make some easy cash by stealing it, but plans don’t necessarily go the way they were planned.
  17. “Four Christmases” – A couple must visit four of their divorced parent’s homes for Christmas.
  18. “Fear” – A girl’s new crazy boyfriend ends up causing her family problems when she breaks up with him.
  19. “This Means War” – (currently in production)
  20. Water for Elephants” – (currently in production)
  21. “Brave” – (currently in production)
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