Should You Waste Your Time On Napolean Dynamite?

Napoleon Dynamite Movie

Napolean Dynamite was absolutely the most ridiculous movie I’ve ever seen in my life. It had no point to it, and while I was watching it, I couldn’t stop thinking that this was the biggest waste of my time. If it hadn’t been for my sister begging me to stay and watch it, I would have left after only five minutes. However, for some odd reason, this incredibly ridiculous and pointless movie had the strangest affect on me.
Two days after I saw the movie I still found myself talking about it. This stupid movie must have possessed me because I couldn’t get it out of my head! My sister also said she thought it was ridiculous and stupid when she first watched it but now she has seen it three times and loves it. Napolean Dynamite has become our favorite topic of conversation. We laugh and repeat lines from the movie constantly.

Basically, the movie is about a geeky high school boy and his equally geeky older brother who live in a small town in Idaho. It’s nothing but a week in the life of a total geek. Watching this movie is like watching a home video of a total nerd. During the movie, I found myself saying “this is so dumb” but at the same time I was laughing my head off. You can’t help but “make fun of” the guys in the movie. Then, for days after seeing the movie, the things they said and did are still running through your mind.

I find it truly amazing how a few amateur people can put together a totally pointless movie and make millions from it. It’s ridiculous that something so dumb can be so popular. I’d like to say I can’t understand how they had so much success with this movie, but at the same time I am one of the people who became “possessed” by its power.

Would I recommend Napolean Dynamite? Well, at this point I’m going to have to say yes. As much as I’d rather not admit it, the movie actually grew on me. I still laugh when I think of certain parts of it. As much as I hate to say it, I’d actually like to see it again. I’m warning anyone out there who is considering seeing this movie. You are going to hate it while you watch it, but just wait and see if you aren’t still laughing at it days later.


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