The Inside Man Movie Review

The Inside Man Movie

Plot: The plot of this movie is when 3 robbers/burgers/terrorists walk into a bank and hold it up. The robbers lock the door from the inside and have hostages. A detective called Detective Keith Frazier (Denzel Washington) and his partner Detective Bill Mitchell (Chiwetel Ejiofor) are the first detectives to be called onto this crime scene and soon after the FBI come and investigate.

These robbers are very smart and have planned this robbery extremely well. They get the hostages to were what exactly what they are wearing. The terrorists don’t intend to kill anyone. There is a child that was in this robbery and a robber called Dalton Russel (Clive Owen) goes up to him and talks to him softly.

Later in the movie an important lady called Madeline White (Jodie Foster) comes to further investigate the crime scene. She actually goes into the back and talks to them in person.

Characters: There are a lot of main and well known actors and characters in this film but I will talk about Detective Keith Frazier- detective (Denzel Washington) and Dalton Russel- terrorist (Clive Owen).

Keith Frazier is an extremely smart man and has a fiancé who is very cautious about him and his job, as in safety. When he is brought on this case you have brought the right man for the job. He is calm and relaxed, and knows what to do in tight situations. Frazier encounters some close calls with the terrorists and nearly crashes when the terrorists start to murder people. He looks very smart with a suit and the top button done up which means he means business.

Dalton Russel is a rough person on the outside, but kind on the inside. When he plans this robbery he doesn’t intend to hurt anybody, and when he sees that he is holding a child hostage he speaks in a calm voice and doesn’t present as a threat to him. Russel encounters Frazier and White and he nearly gets caught in the act when they are talking. In the bank he has to be very careful not to release his identity and lose what he wants to steal. He wants to steal money and a massive diamond ring. Russel is wearing overalls and so are all the other terrorists.

Overview: The critics rated this movie 7 ½ but I think this movie should be rated at least 8. I think it should be rated 10 because I think it displayed good camera techniques and had a fantastic storyline. This movie captivated me and is the best movie I have ever seen.


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