I saw the movie Apocalypto the other day with my friends. I wasn’t expecting much as I had heard the movie was going to be made with unknown actors. That and the fact that it would not be in English made me think it would not be good. But one good thing that I heard it had was blood, and lots of it! I had read people saying it had lots of great fighting scenes and blood. And they were not lying! The opening scene where the savages kill and rip open a wild boar was very gory. To go into further details they rip out his organs. One of the organs ripped out were the boar’s sexual organ. I won’t go into details as to what happens next because I almost threw up. As you can see this movie is not for the weak hearted. And I suggest you not eat during this movie. But have some soda handy to calm you down. I wish I had not taken that big bite of nachos when I saw the wild boar killing scene. Well too late, now all I can do is warn you.
The movie actually has a great storyline. At first I thought this was going to be a senseless killing spree. Boy was I wrong. It had a very good plot in my opinion. But you should pay attention to every detail, as some of the smaller things tie in with the big picture. Or if you are not into good story lines, just sit back and enjoy the blood fest!

The story begins after the tribe of savages has finished their morning hunt. They are approached by another tribe who says their lands were ravages. They say they want to past through the forest and find a new beginning. But little did the savages who lived in the forest were soon to be visited by the same tribe who savages the land of those passing through the forest.

Later the tribe is attacked by the other savage tribe and they are taken captive. They are sold as slaves in another far away land. A girl they meet on the way to that land prophecies something to the evil ones and fear is driven into their hearts. One of the bloodiest scenes is when the captives are sacrificed to the Mayan goes on to of a huge pyramid. The way they are killed is very gory. They hearts are ripped out with a knife, and their bodies are through over the edge of the pyramid. Later one the captives are given a chance to run, but on the condition that they can be chased and have arrows shot at them. Only one man makes it out alive. His name is Jaguar Paw. He is the only one of his tribe who survived. And he now has overcome his fear. He alone must face the merciless evil tribe of killers. His wife and child are on the line. Will he be able to destroy the evil tribe of killers? Or will he die trying? Watch Apocalypto to find out! It’s a great movie! I recommend it.

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