Dragon Wars is sci-fi action adventure set in modern day. The plot is the typical good versus evil with the lead guy trying to save the girl and the world from an evil serpent and a horde of baddies. The story is based on a Korean fable so there is a mix of martial arts, evil armies and mythical creatures.
The movie is definitely a B movie even though Blockbuster tries to fool you by having 30 copies available to rent. Well at least there were spots for 30 rentals. All rentals were gone on my three attempts to rent the movie so I broke down and paid $20 for the movie at Wal-Mart. I figured the movie must be good since Blockbuster couldn’t keep the rental on their shelves a week after it was released on DVD. Too bad Wal-Mart doesn’t allow returns on opened DVD’s because I would really like my money back.

I normally love B movies. Nothing makes me happier then a Sci-Fi Channel Saturday night movie. But after watching Dragon Wars, I realized even I have my limits for B-movie crap.

The movie isn’t a total loss. The special effects are awesome. The lead actor Jason Behr is adorable. Other than that, the movie sucked. First off, there are no dragons in the movie until the end. The Imoogi’s are serpents, not dragons. I guess it is a little known fact that dinosaurs roamed Korea 500 years ago because the army of baddies ride on dinosaurs and have flying dinosaurs. The director might have meant the flying dinosaurs to be dragons but they really looked like computer generated-graphics borrowed from Jurassic Park to me. The lead baddie had a terrible voice, more annoying then menacing to me. The director also forgot to explain how the baddies with their horde of evil warriors and creatures managed to time warp to present day. And why does Jack (Robert Forster) turn into dust at the end? He is the reincarnation of the Korean martial arts master and Ethan (Jason Behr) is a reincarnation too so doesn’t that mean he should turn to dust too?

I am usually quick to forgive plot holes in B-movies because that is what makes a B-movie so wonderfully B. There is nothing worse then a B-movie trying to masquerade as an A movie. I give the movie 1 star out of 5 stars. And technically I am giving the star to Jason Behr. I have learned my lesson and will never be fooled by Blockbuster again. I am off to resell Dragon Wars on Amazon.

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