Napoleon Dynamite Movie

Should You Waste Your Time On Napolean Dynamite?

Napolean Dynamite was absolutely the most ridiculous movie I've ever seen in my life. It had no point to it, and while I was...

Apocalypto- Movie Review

I saw the movie Apocalypto the other day with my friends. I wasn't expecting much as I had heard the movie was going to...
Epic Movie

Epic Movie and the Lost Art of the Spoof

Recently, I saw an advertisement for the upcoming fil…uh…motion picture "Epic Movie." For the unaware, it's yet another all-encompassing spoof from Jason Friedberg and...
Production Design

The Ultimate Guide to Production Design for No-Budget Movies

The problem with many no-budget independent films is exactly that -- they look like no-budget independent films. Often this is out of necessity. The...
Dragon Wars Movie

Dragon Wars (D-War) Movie Review

Dragon Wars is sci-fi action adventure set in modern day. The plot is the typical good versus evil with the lead guy trying to...

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